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Fish Identification


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Over the last billion years, animals have evolved and survived in our planet’s tropical reefs. This guide takes you beyond other reference books of marine invertebrates, translating scientific jargon into an easy to understand language and associating these amazing inhabitants with our everyday life. This book probes into their lifestyles, from their choice of homes, to their favorite items on their menu. It also takes a whimsical look at their sometimes bizarre sexual preferences, habits, and explores the intricate network of life within the hierarchy of the coral reef kingdom.

Species are illustrated with over 850 high quality photographs and color coded for easy reference. Photographic tips included.

An essential guide to the exotic and bizarre life forms of the tropical reef by one of the world’s leading underwater photographers. Charles Darwin meets ‘Desperate Housewives’! A reference guide combining skillful measures of scientific observation with entertaining fact. David Strike


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Triggerfish Alert!!!

I was at Pulau Dayang last weekend, teaching 2 Advanced Open Water Divers, and did 5 dives with them. Every dive, sighted 1 or 2 triggerfish, worst of all the students do not know how triggerfish look like. It was till my last dive on Sunday at Rayners’ Rocks, seem like the site is infested with TRIGGERFISHES. Every turn I made, triggerfish sighted no matter how we evaded them, it was LEFT, RIGHT & CENTER. The most tiring dive to evade and keep a look out for them, as triggerfish are in mating & nesting season.

Picture from Wikipedia

Titan Triggerfish on the right of the picture, please remember how they look like. Don’t leave bad memory by their nasty bites.

Fish Identification

Following Fish Identification charts are free for use (www.scubadiving-malaysia.com) . They are much related to Singapore Divers.