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Pre-dive Buddy Check

Being Worried Reduces All Failures

B – BCD: check on the inflator & deflator, dump valves in working condition.

W – Weight/s & Weight Belt: worn, learn how to release the weight system.

R – Releases on the BCD: Shoulder QR clip, Chest QR clip, Waist cumber band, Waist QR clip & Tank strap. Make sure all secured and tighten.

A – Air: turn on the tank, 1/2 round turn after fully turn on. Buddy breathe on alternate air source while diver breathe on 2nd stage, at the same time check on the SPG for any abnormal fluctuations on the SPG.

F – Final: View from the center of diver’s forehead to left rib cage & then center of diver’s forehead to right rib cage; make sure everything is secured & streamline. Check for mask and fins.

OK to Dive!


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