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Wreck Diving Hotspots by Underwater Asia


Photography Hotspots by Underwater Asia

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Classic Liveaboards by Underwater Asia

Big Fish Hotspots – Underwater Asia

Budget Hotspots by Underwater Asia

Boat Terminology


AFT – toward the rear of the boat

BOW – front of the boat

BRIDGE – area from which boat is controlled


FORWARD – toward the front of the boat

GALLEY – kitchen

HEAD – toilet

HELM – control the boat’s steering

LEEWARD – away from the wind

KEEL – boat’s spine along the length of the hull’s center

PORT – left side of the boat when facing forward

RAIL – outer edge of boat deck

STARBOARD – right side of the boat when facing forward

STERN – back of the boat

WHEEL HOUSE – house the boat’s wheel & other controls

WINDWARD – toward the wind